Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Les Tropos

Let's examine some photos!

The reason I took this picture is because before I came to Belgium, I heard that there was a lot of street art in Brussels. The interesting thing is that many of it is okayed and sanctioned. Maybe because many people enjoy seeing the art, the art that is illegal is not necessarily cleaned off immediately. I took it at this angle because it is the normal viewpoint one would be seeing the train as it departed the station, and I tried not to get too much noise in the background.

This is a photo of my friend sitting outside in downtown Brussels.
What he is sitting on is half art and half seat. :)
I thought it was really cool that they made something so useful actually beautiful
This angle was hard to get but I wanted to show off the lines of the chair. Normally I wouldn't have been too concerned but the way the lines twist is what makes the bench so interesting to look at.

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