Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Belgian Quirks

Things that happened early on:

1. The milk sits out on the shelf, unrefrigerated. At first I was weirded out but then I thought: 1. farms 2. history. It's sort of strange but once you open it you are supposed to put it in the fridge
2. Some things are amazingly cheap. While others... (soda, steak) are expensive.
3. There is a bread cutting machine for fresh loaves. My friends say those loaves go bad faster than the pre-packaged. Plus I'm scared to use the machine. But one day soon - french toast.
4. They have sandwich making shops in most of the grocery stores. I guess it's not really shops, because that gives you the idea of the cafe in BiLo. It's more like a window. I went to get a ham and cheese panini but the panini maker was broken. (PS Imagine me successfully maneuvering this conversation in French - yes, so proud). So I looked under the options and they had Hawaiian. Alright, I thought, and I ordered that. Turns out a Hawaiian sandwich is some sort of mayonaisse based salad on bread. I am not a big fan of mayo, but seeing as I am in mayo land I'm trying hard. My pineapple was also no where to be found in this weird pasty concoction and I honestly didn't like it. First food in Belgium I didn't love. Darnit!

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