Friday, February 25, 2011


I actually like to play that I am an amateur photographer.

I have learned some of these tips before. I agree with almost all of them except empty space isn't necessarily empty. Sometimes being really close is good but sometimes you need "room." But he later addressed that with the rule of thirds.

Also, I kind hate when people think pictures are only meant to be 5 by 7, straight on, people in the center.

Personally I like to shoot at the widest aperture possible. I start with the lowest ISO, and set my aperture at the smallest number and adjust my settings from there. I decide if my shutter speed is okay and will adjust, but I usually want that hole to be really big, I like how those photos turn out. I also kind of hate using flash usually. I don't know why and I'm trying to teach myself to use it more often.

If you click, it links to the full size version:

This is a shot I took at the Festival de la Lumiere here. Unless you're planning a photoshoot you really just have to work with what you have. I angled this image down because they were offered free hot wine and I wanted that to be the subject of my shot. I also edited it to give it the feeling that I had when I was there.

I took about fifty photos of these three kids. The one with the hat was so excited to be there, and I have some really funny shots of him dancing. I guess I really liked the way the fisheye lens framed them.

This is an African drum circle that performed. It was hard to get a good shot because not only were they moving fast but there wasn't a lot of light. It's hard to get a fast shutter speed when it's so dark.

This is to show you can always get a different perspective on things. These are the drummers from the other side of the crowd.

PS These videos really made me miss Clemson, haha. I miss that tiger pride. You don't see that at schools here. It's different because we have one football team for the whole school that everyone gets behind. And we have these colors and this mascot that applies to all the other teams. And here, sports teams are small. Teams at the same school can have different colors. They don't run around yelling "UCL!" Their pride is in their city and their people but it's different.

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