Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Literacies: Nietzsche and his typewriter

When I take notes in class, I like a nice ink pen. I write better in a fresh notebook with good flowing ink.
Sometimes I forget my notebook. Sometimes I have to take my History notes in my English notebook. I find a page in the back. Sometimes, I have to take my notes on the back of a spare page. Sometimes I have a crappy ball point pen. These things make my notes less neat. When my notes are neat I can add things to them later. I can draw arrows and highlight and make connections. When my notes are messy they are just one long paragraph. Same information but not as concise.
I think it is the same with the internet.
When I have a journal to write my thoughts out in, I write them all out fully. I hardly ever make lists unless they are to-do lists. I try to explain how I feel.
But when I have an online journal I like everything to be in bullet points.
I like my paragraphs much shorter.
i like to ignore typical english grammar rules.
I like everything to come out quickly
because I can type quickly
I can type without looking
in the dark
no lights
everything is perfect
unless i miss one key
smf yjem o; pgg

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